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Turnkey Projects-For Dairy and food

Consultancy for Dairy Food Plants

Fabrication & Erection of Dairy & Food Plants

All types of Evaporators & spray Dryers

All types of storage tanks & Road Milk tanker

Other related Equipments supplier for Dairy and Food Industry

Casein, Lactose & whey protein Project

Fruit Juice/consentrate Plants

Coffee plants with Aroma recovery

Herbel Extraction Plants

Beavarage & Brevarage

Tomato & Vegetables Processing

Instant Tea Plants

Instant Milk Powder Plant (Skimmed Milk / Whole Mi

Condensed Milk Plants (Sweetened Or Non Sweetened)

Baby Food Powder Plant

Plant For Non - Dairy Creamer

Coconut Milk Powder Plant

Whey Protein Isolate Powder Plant

Whey Powder Plant

Egg Powder Plant

Flavoured Tea Plants

Used Equipments


About us

Dairy Tech Engineers & Consultants is a Consultant, Designer and Manufacturers of Dairy, Food, Fruit Products and Coffee related processing plants. We specialized in Dairy Plants, Food Plants, Fruit Juice/consentrate Plants ,Herbel Extraction Plants,Casein-Lactose Plants,Coffee plants with Aroma recovery,Fabrication & Erection of Plant & Machinery,All types of Evaporators & spray Dryers,Fruit Juice/consentrate Plants ,Tomato & Vegetables Processing and other Mechanical works, Industrial Equipment, Evaporators, Dryers, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tanks, Stainless Steel Piping & Structural Works etc. We have more than 15 years of experience in designing, fabrication and execution of projects on turnkey basis in the fields of . We have successfully executed several Dairy Projects in India and abroad
We have collaborated with overseas company " Process Plant Engineers" a leading Manufacturers and Engineering Consultancy Company for Designing, Manufacturing, Installing and Commissioning of various sizes of Food/Starch/Dairy related plants. With them and a dedicated team of professionals, we have successfully completed various installations worldwide for evaporators and related equipment.
  Current Projects  
  • 20 TPD Milk Powder Plant .
  • 1 lac Lt. Milk Plant for Poly Milk,Curd,Lassi & Chhach .
  • 1 lac Lt. Milk Plant to manufacture Swet and Condensed Milk .
  • Egg powder project of 200000 eggs per day.
We have indepth knowledge and technology for manufacturing, designing, executing food and Dairy processing plants. Our expertise in engineering and fabricating processing plants is enviable. We have two fully equipped fabrication units at Agra, to fabricate multiple process equipment meeting the high quality with standard specifications.
Our excellence is backed by more than decades of experience in stainless steel fabrication field as well as the application of advance engineering and management system. And we are capable of executing projects with high standard and completing the project on schedule time with competitive prices
Casein, Lactose & Whey Protein Evaporators & spray Dryers Tomato & Vegetables Processing
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